Wednesday, April 18, 2018

August 2015-Moving Money Around

This post is just about two other accounts on the bank statement that I'd been ignoring. Why did I ignore these? Because there was no movement and not a lot in them. However, in August it appears there is a little money shuffling going on. I'll come back to this thing in 2016, but in August there is some noticeable shuffling.
 So there is something that looks like a savings account, "Share Account Suffix 0". For the past several months there was $25 just sitting in this account minding its own business and then between the 13th and 14th there is a flurry activity. On the 13th $3350.77 is transferred from the main account #9, and then $93.82 from account #2. Maybe that was to cover the $50 Legal Order (Levy/Subpoena) that day. I have my suspicions of what that was about.

During this time, even before this time, Sonya Henry and Rocci were/are (still) in a custody battle regarding Sonya's two minor children, Mike 1 and N Kim. The couple had never married. Also we (Mike & I) had assumed that Sonya had custody of the two children, which would explain why she "needed" a three bedroom house to care for Carol, the woman whose retirement money was funding her lifestyle. Later, in 2016 we discovered she did not have full custody.

Anyway, back to the accounts.

So the next day on the 14th $93.82 is returned to account #2 and $3300.77 is returned to account #9, minus the $50. I have no idea what that is all about and why that was needed. Maybe she was expecting an expense higher than $3K?

 Account #2 is a Money Market account. So the $93.82 that had been sitting in this account was taken out and moved over to account #0, and back over to account #2.

Next post I'll go over account #9 for August 2015.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Maybe it was a sense of entitlement

Why did Sonya financially abuse her mother Carol?

Well she did care for her mother for 10 months and caring for someone with the various ailments along with mobility issues is hard... and probably should be left to the professionals. Sonya was ill suited for the task. To be fair her brother also stinks when it comes to handling finances and we assumed she was just as bad regarding her mother's finances. No, when we finally saw the bank statements, this wasn't a matter of being disorganized or failing to seek out the best price for services (her brother's problem). No this was downright theft. Beyond the theft, she also brought the chaos of her life (the pot smoking, the child custody, the fornication, etc) into her mother's life which probably undermined her health.

As I mentioned, caring for someone is hard and Sonya, with her various faults, was ill suited for the job. Once she realized how hard caring for Carol was she might have had it in her head that she earned or deserved her mother's money. One story she has said is that she (Sonya) sacrificed her career to care for her mother. As far as I can tell, Sonya has never had a stable job. She is a licensed cosmetologist, but doesn't seem to stay at one salon or place for more than a year, if that. She said that she wanted to get her business off the ground so she could support her mother. That's the story. That's the myth. Instead it was an excuse to take more money out of her mother's retirement to pursue a pipe dream. I have a cousin ( a licensed barber) who started in the back room of his rented house doing hair and now (despite being out of it for a couple of years due to an accident) has his own shop in his own building. Sonya seemed to me more talk than real work and action.

So in her head she thought she gave up this great career to be nursemaid. She didn't have to. She could have let her mother stay in the assisted living place ( or find a cheaper one) and visit her since they lived in the same city of San Jose, CA. But no, she couldn't leave well enough alone. She could not let her mother live in peace among other old people.

So what did her mother get for her money? Well she got a rental that was a significant upgrade for her daughter and the house was nicer than the house Carol once owned. She got about six months of what we can only guess as good quality time with her daughter and granddaughter. Then it went downhill. Sonya brought in a live in boyfriend. Sonya scared away the visiting nurse by throwing her 15 year old son, Mike 1, across the room (she has anger management issues). The nurse reported this to Child Protective Services. as she is required to do so when witnessing any sort of abuse. The nurse did not return citing fear. Sometime in late 2015 Carol was on the phone with her son, my husband, Mike and asked to get out of there. In December 2015, Carol extracted herself from the house, and Adult Protective Services got involved. I'll talk about the continued financial elder abuse after Carol and Sonya we no longer living together, but let me get through August-Decemeber 2015 statements first.

So now Carol is dead. Her ashes sit on my bookshelf in a nice wood box. Sonya won't talk to me and has asked her brother not to involve me. Fine. However, Mike did mention that she believes she is entitled to whatever is left. I've reminded him she already stole her inheritance.  She'll be getting about $4000 from CalSTers, her half of the death benefit, as she was named as a beneficiary, and her brother sent her a scan of the paperwork he got from CalSTers. (Me: Facepalm... Mike is too nice of a nice guy) 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

July 2015- Driving down the 101 livin' on someone else's money

Well another month of a daughter spending her mother's retirement fund to the ground. Quick recap, Sonya got Power of Attorney (POA) over her mother's finances to "take care" of Carol, the mother. As POA you are SUPPOSED have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the elderly person. Sonya instead used her mother's money and bank accounts as if they were her personal accounts. That was a no-no. I am the sister-in-law and I can't bring charges against Sonya, nor can I seem to convince her brother, my husband and Carol's conservator, to bring charges..... yet. 
Anyway, July the deposits are bigger than the withdrawals. Yay. But a bulk of that are two pension payments from Cal-Sters. Sonya made a few deposits of a couple hundred dollars here and there but they don't cover the purchases and decisions that do not help Carol. Instead of only using Carol's money for Carol only, as she is supposed to as the POA, Sonya went to bars, had lunch, leased a luxury vehicle, gassed up that vehicle and funded the middle class lifestyle Sonya seemed to think she was entitled to, without producing the middle class income (or being married to someone with a middle class income).
You can click on the images to blow them up. So on the first page there are two big expenses that pop out at me. On July 6th there is a $503.97 charge for Comcast and on July 9th $587.55 for a lease. In my previous post, I mentioned the check payments to Fremont GMC or whatever for vehicle expenses for a woman who does not drive. I believe in the Santa Clara County inspector's report (I need to find that, it's somewhere in my husband's office), Sonya claimed that she needed a vehicle to drive her mother around. Huh. when we visited in early 2015, Sonya had a vehicle, an SUV. There is no logical reason why she would need a new (I believe the report said...) Cadillac. Momma can be transported to the doctor's appointments just as well in a Corolla. And then there is the insurance, 7/10/15 $147.80 for Mercury Casualty.
Page 2 part 2 below.
More purchases, some charges, like CMS Medicare, and possibly Walgreen's maybe part of Safeway seem to be for Carol, but the dining out, the lunch places like Crepevine in Willow Glen where Sonya worked, those were for Sonya, not for Carol.
 On page three I see three charges from Boba Pub. I also see $101.98 from IYOGI some overseas tech support of questionable worth. Carol isn't a tech savvy grandma. I suspect this is Sonya or Sonya allowing Mike1 to use his grandma's money. I don't blame the teenage son, kids don't know how households work.

So in summary, Sonya was probably driving down the CA-101 in a car, living the life she wants on her momma's money. But isn't she caring for her mother? Yes, she supposedly was caring for her, but discovered it was hard work, and maybe that's why she thought she could get compensated by using her mother's bank account.

Next, August.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

June 2015- Still taking out more than she puts in

At some point I'll post a Facebook messenger exchange I had with Sonya where she asked me if I was trying to have her arrested. I told her that I couldn't have her arrested, but her brother could. I just need to convince him to file charges and despite words to the contrary (sigh) he hasn't done so. So this and the other posts are me laying out what wrong Sonya did to their mother so maybe, just maybe, if I catch him at just the right moment, I can convince him to file charges against his sister.

Okay, so June.
June saw 57 withdrawals of $7,554.68 and 3 deposits of 4691.76. Two of those deposits came from Carol, the elderly victim, and one from Sonya.

Now as a reminder to those of you playing at home, as the POA Sonya was not supposed to mix her expenses with her mother's, however that was the first thing she did. So June is like the other months where she spent her mother's money on herself and her wants.

So looking at the list of checks, check #2519 jumps out at me. Now the place where they are living, the rent was paid 6 months in advance, so what is this check for $3000 for? Well, some time back I got Mike (the son and conservator) to request from the bank a few copies of checks. But since checks are like a quarter a pop, I had to pick and choose. I chose this one and it is for Fremont GMC - Cadillac, written on May 7, 2015, signed by someone who does not have Parkinson's. Now I haven't owned a car in decades, and the family car was bought used, bought off Carol by Mike, and currently has over 130K miles on it. So we have no idea how buying a car works theses days, what we do know is that Sonya did lease a Cadillac saying it was for mom! Seriously?

Okay lets get to the month.

Let's start with Carol's pension as a deposit, followed by a $520.83 shopping trip to Wal-Mart and some gas from a Chevron station. Next we get a deposit of $1240, probably from Sonya, so she can convince herself she's not blowing away all her mother's money. I remember she would tell her brother that she was contributing to mom's care. HA! It is difficult to believe that these purchases are for Carol's (mom's) care, since they do no reflect spending patterns prior to Sonya getting access to the account, nor the time when her brother Mike became conservator. Mike has a stable job and his own bank accounts and doesn't need to steal money from their mother.

The deposit is followed by an $60 cash withdrawal, and some more constant shopping, dining and other purchases. The AGI*TMO INS Deductible caught my eye as maybe this was some odd insurance for Carol, the 70/71 year old diabetic with Parkinson's. Nope it is cell phone insurance.

Going to the next page, there is more insurance. The June 8th United Healthcare is possibly for Carol, maybe a left over for her deceased husband of $20.98. Then there is a $230.88 charge from Mercury Insurance..... I'm betting that's car insurance. Carol don't drive.
Instead of pointing out all the charges and purchases that were not likely for Carol, such as the fast food, restaurant, 7-11 (this place appears often), and gas purchases, let's look at what might be for Carol and why. Walgreen's has a pharmacy, so maybe that was for Carol, but then again, Walgreen's and CVS, which appears sells quickie mart things too like 7-11. Besides, it would have been better to buy Carol's drugs from Kaiser, where she was a member. All you can get from Kaiser is health care and energy bars. Bummer.

So more of the same, but wait, what is this June 23rd charge I see?

It's for something called The Little Gym. Well is Carol getting the physical therapy and exercise she needs? No! This is a children's playground, not something for a frail old woman.

Well at least Medicare got paid. But that seems like an automatic payment, and nothing that Sonya had to do.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

May 2015

So I'm going to try something new. Instead of rehashing every single purchase Sonya made, I'm just going to present May's statement. To see what is normal see the three Baseline (3) (1) & (2) posts.
The slides should advance every 15 seconds.

I see that I'll have to play with the size for next month.

Monday, March 12, 2018

April 15-30, 2015: What not to do as an elderly person's POA

Okay quick recap. My sister in law, Sonya became the POA for my mother in law, Carol, who was 71 at the time and in an assisted living facility. Sonya believed she could care for her mother better than the professionals and got control of her mother's bank account, with disastrous results. Sonya being a person with little self control, poor financial habits, and what looks to me like a serious Wal-Mart addiction or at least a shopping addiction, gutted her mother's retirement fund, leaving the old woman broke and in an elderly rooming house. The son and brother of the women, Mike, my husband was forced to become the conservator, discovered it was near impossible to care for his mother 3000 miles away and moved her to the DC area, where she died. This blog is to document and show how Sonya ruined her mother one shopping trip at a time.

Okay, April 15th has six transactions. The insurance premiums the the only obvious one for Carol. Yes there is a Safeway expense for $102.35, but there was a Safeway expense the day before, on the 14th, mentioned in another post.  A few days later on the 18th there is another transaction for Safeway. Sonya is buying a lot of food for what really should be for one person. Carol's money should be used for Carol, not to feed her grandkids.

There is a transaction for every day except the 19th, apparently Sonya let the debit card cool off that day before she put it to work again. The 20th she's buying beauty supplies for work at Cosmoprof. Once again, this is money that should have been used for Carol, not Sonya's business.Thankfully Carol's medicare premiums got paid (see CMS Medicare).
On the 22nd there is another transaction from Safeway for $218.83. I seriously doubt that was all for Carol. And there is a T-Mobile payment, the second in the month of April. To her son's knowledge, Carol did not have a cell phone. This might be evidence of Sonya paying to keep up her son. So the only thing that appears to be clearly for Carol is the $15 spent on the 21st at Kaiser.
In the first April blog post I complained about supposedly Sonya's Wal-Mart shopping addition. Well it looks like she decide to go a tad upscale to Nordstrom. "No cheap clothes for us kids! I got your grandma's money and we're going uptown!" I could imagine her saying as there are three transactions for Norstrom on the 24th.

There is one deposit, for $300 on the 30th, I will assume that's Sonya chipping in . All in total there where 5 deposits for April 2015. In an earlier blog post, three of those are from Carol's resources totaling $39,451.76, compared to Sonya's $700, a little less than 2% of what was deposited. That little 1.74% she added to her mother's account lent a scant 'truth' to the lie she told her brother that she was adding her money to her mother's upkeep.


Aril 8-14, 2015- What not to do as an elderly person's POA

Okay quick recap. My sister in law, Sonya became the POA for my mother in law, Carol, who was 71 at the time and in an assisted living facility. Sonya believed she could care for her mother better than the professionals and got control of her mother's bank account, with disastrous results. Sonya being a person with little self control, poor financial habits, and what looks to me like a serious Wal-Mart addiction or at least a shopping addiction, gutted her mother's retirement fund, leaving the old woman broke and in an elderly rooming house. The son and brother of the women, Mike, my husband was forced to become the conservator, discovered it was near impossible to care for his mother 3000 miles away and moved her to the DC area, where she died. This blog is to document and show how Sonya ruined her mother one shopping trip at a time.
As the POA you have a fiduciary responsibility not to blow the elderly person's money on yourself, which Sonya did. So let's pick up where I left off last time and look at the spending for April 8-14, 2015.

Alright then. April 8th there is only one purchase and that is from ARCO Paypoint, which seems to be a gas station. Carol, who has mobility issues, did not have a car nor did she drive. Next day April 9th, someone hits the 7-11. The Seven-Eleven is a constant theme in these statements. On the 10th there are three transactions, Target, Cosoprof and the Dish Network. Okay maybe Carol wants TV, and yes there is a pharmacy at Target, but she's supposed to be getting her meds from Kaiser. Cosmoprof is a beauty supply business. Sonya is a beautician, so I have a feeling that $37.16 wasn't for Carol. Next day on the 11th, a trip to a taco restaurant, El Grullense. On the 12th, the 7-11 appears again, along with Hacienda Grdn, or Hacienda Gardens which is some sort of shopping center and Walgreens. Carol was on a lot of medications, but it is not clear, because other purchases are mixed in, that things strictly for Carol. The 13th there is a deposit from Carol's brokerage account. It is much less than what it used to be since Sonya had the $30K-ish taken out earlier that month to cover the 6 months rent and deposit. On the 14th someone spends $108.54 at Safeway. See below for the $120.00 for T-Mobile. Carol had Parkinson's and could not really handle a cell phone, that price point looks like a smart phone plan, she couldn't handle a smart phone either. Lastly, McDonald's.

I should remind the reader that Sonya picked out a 3 bedroom house to rent (using her mother's money) to house her elementary aged daughter and her teenage son. Teenage boys eat, a lot. I suspect that Sonya was using Carol's money to support (house and feed) her kids and in some 2016 statements (when Carol and Sonya were no longer living together) there were some Uber rides which Sonya said were for Mike1.

Once again, getting the POA is a responsibility. You should not use other's money for yourself or your family's upkeep. This is an example of how not to do it.