Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey your sister is a thief

"Your Sister is a thief"

It brings me no joy to tell my husband this, but I fear, even after what she has done, he will retreat into denial.

The reason why we are involved in this is because he wanted to protect his sister against Adult Protective Services and the ghost of their step-dad who hated my Sister in Law (SIL). That was before we knew she was lying to us. That was before we knew she was sucking their mother dry. That was before we knew she was using their mother's money to pay her child support, which then made us question who has custody of the kids.

Their step dad, or more accurately their mother's 2nd husband, was a grumpy miserable bastard who died. When he was alive he was verbally abusive.  He threatened to shoot my SIL. He threatened to hit my husband. I think my husband is still mad at their step-dad and doesn't want to prove him right. A broken clock is right twice a day.

We have 4 years to bring charges. I hope he files them within year one or two.

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